Nalyse the risks to the supply of clean water in the world

You will produce a draft which will be marked by your tutor and then you will submit a final version of your essay after you have improved it and made the changes suggested and agreed on in your personal consultation. No mark will be assigned to a final draft if a first draft has not been submitted. The essay should be 1,000-1,200 words in length and must include references and a bibliography. You will also be asked to consult at least four academic sources in writing your essay. Please note that although the first draft is unassessed, the changes you have made the second draft will be taken into account in the assessment. Both the first and final draft will be uploaded by you to Turnitin (plagiarism site) and screened for plagiarism

Work should be clearly marked with your name and student number, the name and number of the module, the date and your tutoras name (this could be done on the first page).
Use double spacing to give your tutor room for comments and corrections.
Use A4 paper; an Arial or Times New Roman 12pt font; justified paragraphs; page margins 2.5 a 3cms all round; page numbers at bottom; word count at the end of the main text.

l coursework is to be submitted on or before the deadline; all work should be submitted to your tutor in class, unless other instructions have been given by your tutor, e.g. you may be asked to submit assignments electronically or via Turnitin a your tutor will give further instructions and information about this if necessary. Your essay, both the draft and the final version, should be submitted via Turnitin.
Referencing and citation
You are required to use the Harvard (author/date) Referencing System a your tutor will give guidance

Referencing Requirements:
Please make sure to make it simple I have got 5 only in IELTS

so Im not a native speaker

try to limit the information and dont make it so wide also dont use a good grammar or difficult words

use academic resources

use only websites no need for books

please I dont want a plagiarism