Nalyse the role of the Catholic Church and the Vatican during the Nazi Holocaust.

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Reading: A number of items in the bibliography deal with this topic but see the following in particular: Conway, Catholic Politics (for context & broad perspective, esp chpts 3 & 4); Deutsch, The conspiracy against Hitler in the twilight war (for a positive view of Pope Pius XII) Falconi, The Silence of Pius XII; Friedlander, Pius XII and the Third Reich; Hilberg, Perpetrators, victims, bystanders; Hochhuth, The Deputy (see the text of this important and controversial play and the section of the book entitled  Sidelights on History); Kent,  Pope Pius XII and Germany (AHR); Pope Pius XXII (video-recording; copy in Brunel Library); Lederhendler, Jews, Catholics, and the Burden of History (on Jewish-Catholic relations in historical context); Rhodes, The Vatican in the Age of the Dictators 1922-1945; Saperstein, Moments of Crisis in Jewish-Christian Relations (ch 4). Additionally, you should try JSTOR which should give you some other journal articles on this topic.