Nalyse the social impact of a UK government initiative on urban learning

*Please use references at least 7 or more (can be included some web-sources)

*Please make a level as a 1st year student (not too difficult but not easy)

*Must be UK styles

**Indicative Content of the Module:

The historical, social and cultural issues impacting upon successful urban learning.

These will include a consideration of race, deprivation, gender, class, funding and access including locational/ geographical.

***Must be related to learning outcomes 1-10

-Knowledge and Understanding of:

1.The historical, cultural and societal influences on the purpose and organisation of urban learning and the implications for learners

2.The different contexts in which urban learning can take place and the ways in which participants can influence the learning process

-Intellectual (thinking) skills  able to:

3.Provide coherent argument supported by evidence and theory

4.Maintain a critical, questioning perspective on current theories, values and initiatives;

5.Select relevant research-based sources and use them to extend knowledge and understanding; understand the limitations of research-based theories of urban learning;

-Practical skills able to:

6.Critically evaluate urban learning theories and strategies in a systematic way;

7.Accommodate to new ideas and suggest potential changes in urban learning practice using a range of evidence;

8.Make and reflect on connections between knowledge and its application in a range of contexts;

-Transferable skills  able to:

9.present and communicate complex information, ideas an data, verbally and in a written form using specialist vocabulary where appropriate;

10.Locate information from a range of sources.

Thank you