Nalysing a Case:The I phone in South Korea”

Dear Writer!
The courses name is : International marketing managment.

My assignement is to analysing a case THE I PHONE IN SOUTH KOREAwhich I send you also as an attachment.
The proffesor doesnt allow any other sources except of the CASE!!!!

IN the end I will do a power point presentation out of your written essay, so please keep it really simple explained.

My presentation In class has to be ca.30 min where 15 min base on their problems ( I phone in SOuth korea) and the other 15 min based on what could be their solution.

It would be also very good if you can makee a SWOT Analysis.

And very important: the proffessor want us to make a checklist out of the “4 charateistics of strategic ressources”. that are :


-NON IMITABILITY( Path dependence; Causal ambiguity; social complexity)


So if those 4 characteristics of strategic ressources accord to The I phone in South korea thats a good company if not then not… etc…

My last request to you dear writer: please keep that as simple as you can ( the english language cause im living in germany and thats just an amrican college)