Nalysing and advising Nexts expansion to the Russian market with a focus on distribution and human resources

The project is company based, Next retailer company currently setting up facilities in Moscow, therefore they want research on questions listed below:
1 What are our HR chalenges to set up and employ 20 local staff members ?
this is should be conducted through interviewing recruitment companies in Russia as well as HR textbook theories.
2 What operating hours and management structure should we put in place to best serve our customers [late cut off, next day delivery] ?
Interview Russian retailers
Different types of structure from literature
3 How could we set up our own courier distribution in the Moscow region ?
-interview Russian distribution companies
Should Next internalize or externalize P. Buckley, internalization theory
4 What is the best way/route to bring replenishment stock from UK to Moscow ?
-Supply chain management/ logistics network
-interview Russian logistic companies
interview Next, That i will do myself and will provide information.

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