Nalysing and comparing two curricula (highschool)

Hi. This order is best suited for someone with a background in teaching as it deals with analysing LOTE curricula in grade 7 to 10 high school setting. Also it is worthwhile to have access to Albert Oosterhoffas book a?Developing and Using Classroom Assessmenta?.

The big picture of this assignment is intended to show constructive critique and contrast of two curricula and curriculum documents. The two curricula are ACARA and VELS. Also the domain they are to be analysed in is LOTE subject. But keep in mind that this is for Australian schools and curriculum not American.

This paper needs to compare and contrast these two curricula using a range of ways of thinking about the curricula. It needs to recognise what a given curriculum regards as important including new directions such as exploring the values associated with the domain. The analysis needs to be backed up by reference to the curriculum documents. (Please include with the paper enough of the sections of the curricula that are relevant to the discussion so the argument can be understood. However these sections that you paste in are not to be included in the word count).

This paper should be divided into four parts, each described in the document attached. As a main guide it is perhaps best to just follow and answer the questions included in each of these four parts. You donat need to answer all the questions but at least some from each part so that you can ensure that you are covering the required areas. In fact Iad rather you only answer 2 or 3 questions well (per part) rather than all of them briefly.

PS. I have also attached another document with the marking criteria. Please keep it in mind when writing the paper. It is very important that you try cover it well.

PSS. For the purpose of this assignment the term content includes what Oosterhoff called declarative knowledge, concepts and skills associated with the domain.

Thank you