Nalysing Australian Social Justice issues

This is a series of short answer questions. Please could responses (where appropriate) be from the perspective of an Australian living in the state of Queensland (Qld).

I will upload the two Case studies required to address some of these questions.

I have listed the number of sources required as 6 but I will leave it up to your discretion as to the actual number.

Please contact me if further clarification or resources are required. Thanks.

Q1) Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that a?Everyone has the right to liberty and security of persona?. Explain how this right impacts upon offenders and their victims. (100-200 words)

Some points to consider are the relationship between rights and responsibility (eg. society provides for certain rights. In order for a person to access those rights, there comes a responsibility to respect those rights for others through appropriate behaviours. One such right is the right to security of person. If a victimas right to security (and, on a broader scale, the communityas right also) is violated through offending, this leads to the (potential) removal of the offenderas liberty, which theoretically restores security of person for the victim and/or community. Another perspective to think about is that even when an offender has their right to liberty removed through incarceration, they still have a right to security of person as a prisoner.

Q2) In recent years, the Queensland Police Service launched their a?One Punch Can Killa? campaign. (See attached Case study #1)
(a) In addition to young men aged between 15-25 years, who is the program trying to reach, and why? (100 words)
(b) What are some of the social effects of alcohol related violence? (100 words)

Q3) Why do crimes such as domestic violence and rape often go unreported? Provide at least four (4) reasons in your answer. (100-200 words)

Remember that this unit is about analysing social justice issues, so be sure to give good detail in your answers.

Q4) Thinking in terms of social and criminal justice, provide four (4) explanations for the over-representation of Aboriginal people in Australian prisons. In your answer, also provide one example of how the Australian Government is responding to this inequality. (100-200 words)

Q5) The increase in alcohol fuelled violence has been addressed by the Queensland Government introducing a 3.00am lockout for all licensed venues. This means that patrons cannot enter a pub or a club after the lockout. Identify three (3) social justice issues which may have influenced this response, and explain your answers. (100-200 words)

Reasons behind the lockout were all to do with violence. Think about objectives around reducing incidents of glassing and fighting (including fighting in taxi ranks); extra pressure these incidents put on health and law enforcement agencies; alcohol as precursor to other offences, etc. Protecting alcoholics from themselves isnat really a social justice issue, and Iam not sure that lock down would prevent establishments from selling to those who are within their establishment but are over the limit. Think about this issue again from a broader social perspective a your third reason is a good start.

Q6) Although the Australian Government provides free education to all children regardless of family income or status, what social inequalities may impact upon a childs ability to achieve academic success? Give three (3) examples and explain your answers. (100 words)

Q7) Identify and explain the key elements of moral panic identified by Goode & Ben Yehusa.(See attached Case Study #2). (100-200 words)

Please refer to the moral panic model presented by Goode & Ben-Yehusa and identify the 5 individual elements. Then, give a brief explanation of what those elements entail, before providing an example of the elements using the Ferguson case. Some of the reasons you have provided may be used in your resubmission, but be sure to provide the information the question is asking of you.