Nalysing Cross-sectional Data (Subject: Understanding information)

Analysing Cross-sectional Data
This coursework is based around the questionnaire,  High Street Traders Association. The questionnaire is shown in Appendix 1.
You are required to write a report of about 1000 to 1500 words (excluding tables and graphs) that comments on the results of the analysis of the data file. These comments will be based on an analysis of the responses to each question on the questionnaire in terms of:
” frequency tables for the answers to each question
” cross-tabulated frequency tables relating:
1. Question 1 to Question 2
2. Question 2 to Question 5
” appropriate statistics
” graphs

Your report should be structured by commenting on the findings from each question in turn. You are expected to write the report such that a manager who is not familiar with the technical details but is aware of basic statistical terminology could understand the findings. The details of any calculations made should be in the appendices alongside the spreadsheet output that represents your  working . You may include graphs as part of the report.
At the end of the report you are required to draw conclusions on the results of the previous analysis.

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