Nalysing International migration to the UK: Trends,Patterns and Implications.

Assignment: Combined Research Methods
Assignment Title: Analysing International Migration to the UK: Trends, Patterns and Implications.
About the data: This assignment requires to do some further analysis of the data and to present your findings through graphical presentation and explanatory narrative.
You will need to do some background reading for satisfactory analysis. You need to get an understanding of what is migration and what pull and push factors affect migration trends and patterns, and the events in Europe which affected migration pattern in the UK.
There are 12 Tables in this data set, starting with 2.01a ending with Table 2.11. This assignment is based on Tables 2.01a and 2.07. However, you might want to have a look at the other Tables when you are carrying out the analysis.
Answer all of the following questions:
1. What is the definition of international migration? What are the factors which influence people to move between countries? Discuss these factors in relation to migration to the UK. What impact did the expansion of the European Union into Eastern Europe have on movement of people in Europe?
Keeping in mind what you have discussed in Question 1, answer the following questions based on the data available in Tables 2.01a and 2.07.
2. What has been the trend in the overall migration pattern to the UK in the period between 1991 and 2010. Illustrate graphically and identify the variations over the years.
3. For the years 2004 to 2010: Illustrate and explain the inflow and outflow patterns of migration from the European Union to the UK for the groups from Western Europe (EU 15) and Eastern Europe (EU A8). (See footnote to the Table for explanations of the groups).
4. How do the migration trends and patterns in England and Wales differ from the overall migration pattern to the UK? Support and illustrate your narrative explanations
5. Based on Table 2.01a and Table 2.07, analyse how and why the migration pattern varies with sex and age over the period 1991 to 2010.
These are the criteria that will be used to mark your work:
Does the work demonstrate an ability to handle the database and extract relevant information?
Does the work demonstrate an understanding of the basic quantitative techniques and their shortcomings?
Does your work demonstrate an ability to combine narrative explanations with quantitative illustrations?
Is the presentation of graphs and charts at a satisfactory standard?
Is the work clearly organised.

How to do this assignment:Go,click on Home:UK National Statistics Publication Hub.
click on Browse by theme,scroll down to Population then click on International Migration,click on current and past edition.Go to:Long-term international Migration-november 2011,click on Data in this release;choose:long-term international migration 2 series(LTIM)2010.Go to Download option then click on ZIP(152.4kb).

Now the assignment is based on 2.01a and 2.07 of the 12 tables in this data set.
Remember this assignment is based on data (Representation of graphs and charts.