Nalysing …. Internet Marketing Strategy

Assessment for this unit will consist of 100% coursework in the form of an individually prepared Internet Marketing Portfolio Report. This is a word-processed appraisal of an organisation s Internet marketing activities of maximum length 3,000 words (excluding references and appendices). The assessment is designed to demonstrate that the student has met the learning outcomes (LO) of the unit.

Using concepts, models and theories associated with the effective use of Internet marketing learned during the unit, you are required to critically assess and evaluate a chosen organisation s Internet marketing activities (LO3) and the underlying strategy or strategies (as far as these can be determined) (LO1). In light of that assessment, design (LO1) construct a suitable marketing strategy for the short to medium term (LO2). This should include an appraisal of the success or otherwise of these Internet marketing activities, and the apparent strengths and weaknesses of the approaches adopted, as observed by you.

It is important that you use academic theories to structure and reinforce your thinking and your portfolio report and not just describe an organisation s Internet communications. Merely reproducing the corporate PR messages copied from an organisation s website is not sufficient: the key to this report is the intelligent use of academic theories to explain, analyse and make sensible conclusions.

The assessment is designed to encourage you to develop your learning and understanding throughout the duration of the unit. The research and preparation of the Internet Marketing Portfolio Report requires self-directed learning skills.

You should structure your portfolio report as follows:

1 Title
2 Executive Summary (summary of main points and conclusions)
3 Main Report (with numbered sub-sections)
4 Conclusions
5 Recommendations (if any)
6 References (using the Harvard APA style)
7 Appendices (if any)

The Internet Marketing Portfolio Report deadline is 3.30pm on Friday 15th May 2009.

Please refer to the site bellow, under the section Internet Marketing are links to the weekly lecture notes providing information on this unit:


With regards to which organisation to analyse, I am unsure, I believe that a larger national or international company (such a virgin for example) would be better as certain information would be easier to come by than smaller business. If however, you disagree, and believe any certain company would be good to write about, I would appreciate your educated opinion. Please do not hesitate to contact me to decide on an organisation.
Harvard APA

Literature, and online sources.

Core text Chaffey, D., Mayer, R., Johnston, K. & Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2009). Internet marketing Strategy, Implementation and Practice. (4th Edition). FT Prentice Hall. (the course has been focused around this book, so it is key that the report follows the views and strategies in this book.)

Secondary text Chaffey, D. & Smith, P.R. (2008) eMarketing excellence. 3rd Edition. Elsevier

Certain number of sources is not essential, but the more relevant sources the better.