Nalysing knowledge for practice-practice development

I have chosen option C-Practice Development for my dissertation,therefore i must produce a portfolio of evidence demonstrating my abilities to critically reflect in and on practice and the process of practice development,manage the identification and planning of change within my practice setting, appraise and integrate appropriate form of knowledge to support the process of practice development.
Plaese write a portfolio on the practice development based on the incident happens in 2005 while i am working as a staff nurse in the paediatric ward.I would like to use this incident to examine the doctor-nurse relationship within the context of my organisation culture.Follow on this incident there was some policies change where the paed doctor have to respond to the nurses call immediatelly and the nurses have the right to bleep the consultant if they feel the doctor incharge is not giving the proper care to the patient.The focus of the change must be on the patient.This piece of work must cover 6 topics -(1)nature of knowledge,(2)evidence based practice,(3)praxis(practising knowledge),(4)model of reflection(prefer johns,)(5)system enquiry(ethical issues&constraints),(6)managing change.Notes,dissertation proposal form and marking cliteria attached for your referral.pls help
Harvard system.
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