Nalysing Macdonald restaurant Using Poters five force

1.knowledge understanding of porters five force.
2.ability to apply porters five forces to an organisation.
3.ability to draw upon relevant academic literature to inform and support your analysis.
4.evaluation of the companys strategic position.
5.effectively structured report demonstrating cogent argument.
6.the correct use of report format with correct syntax and spelling.
7.The correct use of Harvard referencing.
1.provide an analysis of macdonalds explaining the relative importance of each of porter;s five forces for the organisations strategic position. aggument with evidence from the company and the relevant leterature with citation.
3.It may use subheadings but must use prose and finish with a conclusion.
4.reference work correctly using the Harvard method.
5.Need a plagirism checking report by full prove avoid plagirism.