Nalysing two theoretical approaches to Counselling Marie

This order is focused on two theoretical approaches to Counselling regarding a case study.

Read the following case study on Marie and use it as a focus for the paper. In the first part of the paper describe and compare two theoretical approaches to counselling Marie.
Do not provide lengthy descriptions of the two approaches but rather describe how two
counsellors, with different theoretical approaches, might go about helping Marie with her
problems. For example, how would each theoretical approach explain her behavior?;
what issues might they focus on?; what part of the problem might they deal with first?; and are the two different theories of therapy equal ways of understanding, or does one of them provide a better approach to Marieas problem? Discuss why you think this is so.

Finally, how might each counselling approach be applied over the lifespan. For example, discuss how each counselling approach deals with the different developmental challenges Marie faces at each stage of her own lifespan.

Marie, a 19-year-old university student was referred to counselling by her faculty due to
concerns about her ability to complete her teaching placement. Marie, who presented as a shy girl had become overwhelmed with feelings of self-doubt and anxiety, to the point
where she was unable to teach the class and had to be withdrawn from her placement.
Even though she was certain that teaching was her preferred career, she was quite
worried that the demands of teaching were exceeding her capabilities to perform the job.
As a child, Marie had been subjected to constant abuse both verbal and physical from her
mother, who held her responsible for anything that went wrong in their lives. Now as a
young adult, Marie always feels that people hate her, and that she is an idiot, stupid, ugly, and following the episode at the school, incompetent and worthless. Marie, has very few friends, and uses alcohol to gain confidence when she goes out, to the point where she becomes intoxicated. Her social group that ridicules her further intensifies her negative view of herself and her social isolation.

Please also keep the following marking criteria areas in mind when writing the paper as it is an important guide:

*A clear background introduction and delineation of the topic of your choice;
Description of the theoretical orientation as well as definitions of the relevant terms
and constructs involved;
*Critical evaluation of the information provided in the relevant journal articles
addressing the key issues involved in your topic of choice.
*Evidence of relevant reading and current references, with appropriate referencing
of sources used;
*Relevant and succinct conclusions drawn out of your reading and your own critical
*The first assignment should demonstrate clarity of thought and logical progression
of ideas, using a consistent well articulated style of expression.

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