Nalysis: 1st Movement Beethovens Eroica Symphony

Write an analytical paper on the 1st Movement of Eroica Symphony. Describe the large-scale form and small-scale structures (i.e. phrase and period structures) of the piece, then descirbe any significant events, intensions of events, comparision between sections, motives and themes and their recurrences, new materials and how they might be related, etc.

I do not want any historical background history on Beethoven himself. Only specific analysis of the 1st movement as to the instructions above; identifying each area of the sonata form, themes, recurrences and percieved intensions using hermenuetic philosophies as further analysis.

As for further information, certainly cite the given books for pursuing the argument that Beethoven, like all of his contempories (musical or not) were living in the time of the French Revolution and how Fastthings were changing in their world as a hermenuetical device.

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Books for citing:
Burnham, Scott. Beethoven Hero. Princeton Univ. Press. 1995

Burnham & Steinburg. Beethoven and His World. Princeton Univ. Press. 2000

Lockwood, Lewis. Beethoven: Studies in the creative process. Harvard Univ. Press. 1992

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