Nalysis A Rose for Emilyby William Faulkner

Part One: The Plot (1-2 paragraphs)

Part Two: Setting, Atmosphere, Pattern/Structure, Point of View (3 paragraphs min.)

Examine the setting, atmosphere, and pattern/structure of the story. Is the setting significant to the meaning? Is there a mood or atmosphere? How does the author create this atmosphere?

How is the essay structured? Is it chronological or does it involve flashbacks? Is the structure significant to the meaning of the work?

Who narrates the story? Is the narrator reliable? What would be gained or lost if the story was told from another point of view?

Part Three: Characters (1 page min.)

Who is the main character? Does this person change? What sort of a person is he/she? Is this character sympathetic? What other characters are important? Do you personally identify with any of the characters? How and why?

Part Four: Symbolism, Images, Irony (1 page min.)

Identify and interpret symbols in the story. Is anything about the story ironic? What images are most vivid?

Part Five: Theme and Meaning (1 paragraph min.)

How does the title relate to the other elements in the story and to the overall meaning?

What is the theme of this story? How did you come to this conclusion?