Nalysis and Application of Clinical Practice

The issue to be addressed is: air pollution and the effects on the respiratory system, for example, cars burning up, building smoke, hazardous machinery etc. these are the pollutants to be addressed that could cause a respiratory disease.

* 6th edition APA format
* 4 full pages
* References (no more than 5 years old)
* Please address ALL questions in the attached document in the paper
* Please attach the clinical practice guideline doc.
* Please submit ASAP so that I may have time to review and resubmit if necessary.
*Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help

Added on 12.12.2014 14:52
I have attached 2 documents with the instructions for this assignment. The summary sheet has the specific questions to specifically address. Please submit soon, I attempted myself and had a difficult time, itS due SUNDAY! PLEASE help ASAP THANKS SO MUCH!

Do not forget to attach the clinical practice guideline document used! Thanks again