Nalysis and Application of Traditional Governance Models

PART (1) (this needs to be 4 pages)
Review the higher educational organizational models as they relate to bureaucratic institutions, collegial institutions, political institutions and organized anarchies. Analyze your present institution (or your alma mater), comparing and contrasting it with the higher education organizational models presented in the course readings.

As you critique the institution, also discuss :
(a) the campus culture and traditions within the context of the course readings that has shaped various roles and responsibilities across the institution.
(b) Discuss the effectiveness of the institution within the context of governance. Based on what you have learned in this class, can the institution improve on its effectiveness with regard to decision making and shared governance?

PART(2) (this should only be developped in one page)
(1) Why does the structure of higher education need to be Fixed?Or does it? Whats the matter with the way things are now typically organized? Dont universities operate just fine right now? If things need to be Fixedwhat needs fixing based on your own experience and readings?

(2) Additionally, with Part VII of Brown, youve been reading about perspectives on race and gender within higher education organizations. As we develop a greater appreciation for the voices of others, especially women and minorities, how might current models of academic organization and governance better adapt to these voices?