Nalysis and apply the various theories and schools of thought for California Lutheran University.

Instructions: In keeping with the learning in practice theme of this course, this paper will focus on your ability to apply the various theories and schools of thought presented this semester to an organization. Since you have already provided an organizational analysis of your specific organization, I now want you to focus on another organization that you are familiar witha¦California Lutheran University.

1.Review the organizational structure from the universityas website ( Given this cursory view of the organizational structure, discuss the universityas apparent structure in the context of the classical school of organization theory. Be sure to cite specific classical school authors in your discussion.

2.Now, please review the Human Resources part of the universityas website. After reviewing some of the documents and regulations that govern personnel management at CLU, discuss the human resource management at the university relative to the Human Relations and Human Resources Management schools of thought. Again, be sure to cite specific authors and aspects of the personnel system in your answer.

3.Obviously, (like most nonprofit or public organizations) the university exists in an environment. It is certainly affected by the environment and, in turn, affects the environment as well. Analyze the operations of the university in the perspective of the natural systems and open systems theories.