Nalysis and argumentative commentary for a case-study article (provided) by answering questions at the end of the article.

The objective of this assignment is to present a critical and comprehensive but concise analysis to the case questions and statements that are provided.

Slight additional research is required. The essay is supposed to provide a critical analysis that takes diametrical arguments into account.

The essay should build on and refer to scholarly articles. In addition, the student may build on journalistic works to give substance to the context. Those sources need to be identified separately.

I will provide attachments of the article and questions as well as the grading criteria and reference guide once I have placed my order.

The essay also requires a bibliography and appendix for visual images (graphs, charts etc.), I would appreciate if that was not included in the 6 pages of essay writing that I am paying for is that possible?

Also, it is important not to have 6 pages just full of text, it should be broken up with headers and point form in a couple of places.

Also, it is important that the essay in single spaced (and not double spaced)!

Basically, pick a position and make sure you back it up really well. Analyze the situation and the issues, and give recommendations on what they could have done differently or what they should do in the future.