Nalysis and Critique of Literature Review

Begin your paper with an introductory paragraph where you state the name (date) of the dissertation researcher [not the title of the dissertation, which belongs in the References], your purpose for the analysis of this literature review critique and your organizational map for how you intend to structure this critique around the sub headings below. [Note the 5 topic areas/sub headings of the Body of your paper are similar to, but not the same as those for an article critique, since there are no methodology, data analysis, and implications sections in a lit review]:
Organize your literature review paper using the following five level 2 sub-headings:

1]Research question/problem
2]Theoretical/conceptual foundation
3]Relevance of literature to research question
4]Synthesis of literature
I will send to you that dissertation by PDF fail which I need to analysis and critique please follow my structure which I put it first.