Nalysis and critique of two research papers

Assignment 2: Analysis and critique of two research papers
Length: 2000 2500 words

Related to Section 2: Reading and evaluating educational
research reports
Select two research reports from refereed journals or refereed conference publications which are of interest to you as a teacher/educator. One report must focus on the collection of qualitative data and the use of qualitative research design and analysis and the other quantitative data and the use of quantitative research design and analysis.

You are required to:
a. clearly identify the component parts in each paper and indicate how they
are similar and different, with brief comments as to why there might be any differences
b. describe, with specific examples from the papers, the characteristics they display of papers which are mainly qualitative or quantitative in nature
c. evaluate/critique each paper using the schema described in the text and
additional evaluative criteria from other sources in the provided readings, as appropriate. Provide an overall judgement of the quality of the papers on the basis of your analyses.

((The text is Hittleman, D.R. & Simon, A.J. (2006). Interpreting educational research. 4th edn. Upper Saddler River, NJ.:Merrill/Prentice Hall......Chapter3 ))

((Additional evaluative criteria from other sources are:-

Skim read Barber, L. W., Forbes, R. H., & Fortun, J C. (c.1988). Developing research skills for professional educators: participants manual. Bloomington, Ind.:Phi Delta Kappa, pp3-5.

Skim read Tuckman, B.W. (1999). Conducting Educational Research. (5th ed.). Sydney: Harcourt Brace, pp.431-448.

Gay, L.R. (1996). Educational research: Competencies for analysis and application. (5th ed.). Sydney: Maxwell macmillan International, pp. 581-587; 597-599.))

Note that part (c) requires the most thought and analysis and this should be reflected in the space you allocate to it in your assignment.
You must include copies of the two papers selected in an appendix. Sections and paragraphs are to be labelled as suggested in  Assignment Hints in Section 2 of the
As  action research reports are a partial focus of Section 3 you are not to choose an action research report as an example for analysis and critique for this assignment.

Content criteria
(These would apply to both papers selected)
” Focus on the assignment task, and its components
” Substance of the analysis, including depth of understanding
” Quality of the justification for the evaluation of the paper
” Appreciation of the issues in the text and the readings which relate to the
” Ability to draw on the text and readings to support arguments
” Appropriate use of terms
” Innovative use of content to expound a point
” Use of appropriate extracts/sections of the research papers to illustrate
evaluative points

Presentation criteria
Structure of the response
” Use of appropriate section and paragraph coding (i.e. within the two papers
selected  see  Assignment Hints in Section 2 of the Unit)
” Clarity of the language used
” Ease of flow of the response (e.g. spelling, sentence construction grammar,
syntax, etc.)
” Innovative presentation to make a point, e.g. use of tables, diagrams, headings,
italics, etc.
” Citation of page numbers (or other identifying documentation) related to any information from another source must use a recognised referencing system (preferably APA as described in a Student Guide); list only references cited in assignment.

1st one is a qualitative paper, Towards a more telling way of understanding early school leaving. at iier17/penrose.html