Nalysis and discussion of findings and a conclusion

Hi this is part of my dissertation, the reason why i have done it in bits is because i wanted to collect the data myself so it could be done. This is the last part of my dissertation therefore who ever is assigned to my paper i will be putting in another order for editing so that you can go through the hole thing and sort it out for me , so as soon as i know of who the writer id is i will be putting in another order. Thnaks

Chapther 4Analysis and discussion of findings.
This chapter should discuss what has been found through any primay data collection and analysis, plus any analysis of secondary data if appropriate. There is also a discussion of findings in relation to the literature review which i will send.
This chapter covers three areas:
1.Analysis of the data.
2.Discussion of the results of the analysis
3.How your findings relate to the literature.
The anlysis of the data can be discussed here but the details of any analysis, such as statistical calculation should be shown in the appendices.
You should present any discussions clearly and logically and should be relevant to the research question, hypothese or aims and objecvtives. Put any tables of graphs that you decide are important in a relevant part of the text not in appendices and discuss fully.Make sure u relate the finidings of your primary research to your literature review , you can do this by comparison, discussing similarites and particularly differences. If you think some of the findings confirm some literature review say so and why,. if you think they are at variance with the literature say so and why. This chapter should soberly argued, especially when you are dealing with sensitive or controversial issues. When evr aclaim is made it should be backed up with evidence. 2500 words

Chapter 5-Conclusions
This chapter should address the reasearch questions and any implications for the future research. For the work based Dissertation you should also include any recommendations.
State the main conclusions of you disseration, state explicity how and what extent you have met your aims and objectives/answered your researchquestionsproved my hypothesis,.Conclusion should follow logically from the findings and not contain any new material.
Do the conclusions follow on from the finsings? Are the conlcusions well grounded in the evidence and arguments presented?
Are the conclusions discussed in context?
Is this chapter clear, logical, readable and complete? 1500 words

Each appendices should be in order that they are referedto in the main tx.

Structure of the dissertation is in the following order:
-title page
-contents page
-chapter 1: introduction
-chapter2. literature review
-chapter3. Methodoly
-chapter 4: Discussion of Analysis and Findings
Chapter5. Conclusions

Lenght chapter 1-5 should be 8000-10000.
-The word count should be given at the end of the conclusion, this is everything from the start of the introduction(chapter1) to the end of the conclusion(chapter5)-the dissertation should be word processed or typed.

Chapters and section headings.
-Each chapter should have a title
-section headings may be used within a chapter. The system of numbering within a chapter should be consistant, for example:
Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1 Backround to the study
1.2 overview of…
1.3 aims of the study
1.3.1 aims
1.3.2 objectives
1.3.3 research questions
1.4 Definition of terms
1.5 structure of the dissertation

All pages should be numbered in Arabic numerals (1,2,3etc). Page 1 is the first page of the introduction. The sections that come before the introduction(abstract, acknowledgement and the contents page) are usually numbered with samll Roman numerals(i, ii, iii, iv, etc.) All page numbers should be at the bottom centre of the page.
-Margins at the dinding edge must not be less than 40mm and other margins not less than 20mm.
-Spacing, double spacing should be used for all text. However, indented quotations should have single line spacing.