Nalysis and Evaluation of an Advertisement

Visual Argument--Analysis and Evaluation of an Advertisement

a9 Write an essay of 4-5 pages analyzing an advertisement either in print or on the Internet. Remember that you have to cite the source, so choose something with an identifiable source. Start by describing the ad, identifying its source, purpose and audience. Describe the image or images and text, if any, as well as design layout, i.e., use of space, color, etc. Use the criteria set forth in the accompanying document to these instructions to help you describe and analyze the advertisement. Then, move on to the effect intended or unintended of the ad, including any appeals to logos, pathos and/or ethos, given its intended audience. Discuss the relation of print to image, if any, as well as the design layout to discuss this effect. Also discuss the reliance on symbols, if any. Finally, sum up with an evaluation of the argument or persuasive effort, its success or failure, and include an analysis of the arguments underlying or stated assumptions (pp. 24-25, 81-82) relied upon in the ad as well as any fallacies (368-81) that are apparent. See the checklist for analyzing an advertisement on p. 154.

All page references above are to CWRT. Be sure your essay is formatted in MLA style. Cite your source(s) in your essay and include a works cited page.