Nalysis and evaluation of an Australian resource company

First of all, this is an academic essay for an Australian university, for the course of management.

You should explore the web site of an Australian resources company that is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (you should visit the website to ensure that it is).
1. Identify a number of distinctive competencies of the organisation and with reference to the resource-based view, explain how these internal resources are linked to the competitive capabilities of the organisation.
2. Identify a number of competitive advantages of the organisation and with reference to Porteras five competitive forces model, explain how these are linked to the nature and intensity of competitors in the resource sector
3. Identify at least one specific strategy that the company reports they have implemented or intend to implement at a corporate, business or functional level. With reference to the SWOT approach, use your analysis of the organisationas competitive situation in questions 1 and 2 to justify the strategy.
4. Evaluate whether the identified strategy is congruent with the organisationas mission statement and strategic goals

You are required to:

1. Respond to the 4 questions in no more than 4 pages, 12 point (including headings). In addition to these 4 pages you should also include a page for your reference list.
2. Your review should use at least 10 scholarly references and these and all other references should be noted in the text of your review using the Harvard referencing style and detailed in a reference list (the reference list is extra to and thus not counted in your page limit).
3. Your essay should have 3 sections (Introduction, Discussion and Conclusion) with 4 sub headings that reflect the content of each question in the discussion section. Do not include illustrations or restate the question as this uses up valuable space.