Nalysis and identify the arugment and thesis of the video called The Monsterwhich is sung by Eminem and Rihanna

For this paper, you will continue to explore your relationship to music, this time through an analysis of a music video called The Monster”. You are to analyze a video called The Monsterand critically analyze the argument being made in it. Drawing on our study of rhetorical analysis in the Carroll piece we read, you will identify and analyze such rhetorical elements as the exigence and purpose of the video called The Monsterwhile making an argument about the execution and efficacy of these rhetorical factors.

This paper must do two things. After choosing a video that you find funny, clever, frustrating, appalling or just plain intriguing, your paper must first analyze this video as a a?visual essaya? that is designed to convince you of certain position or argument. Some questions you will want to consider are:

a? What is the a?thesisa??
a? What kind of evidence does the video use to support its argument?
a? What assumptions are being made?
a? Who is its audience?

Secondly, in addition to analyzing how the argument is made, your paper must also briefly evaluate how successful it is. Do you find its argument convincing? Why or why not?