Nalysis and interpretation of financial reports


This assignment is based on Ch 9 Analysis and interpretation of financial reports of the text.
You are required to prepare a comparative financial ratio analysis with financial statements
provided. If you make any assumptions for the analysis, be sure that you state them clearly.
Ensure to submit your
final report to Turnitin on time by the due date and hand in a hard copy to the lecturer in class.
CEO of Wesfarmers Ltd, Richard Goyder, has been closely monitoring the performance and
position of the company since November 2007 when Wesfarmers acquired Coles Group
Limited. After his interview with Lateline Business, he feels the necessity of a further
financial analysis of the company and starts a new project associated with analysis and
interpretation of the company s financial reports for 2008 and 2009. The key questions which
the project is expected to answer are as follows:
1) Has the performance of Wesfarmers been improved since 2008? Is the company is
performing as well in 2009 as it was in 2008?
2) Is Wesfarmers performing better than its biggest competitor, Woolworth Ltd in
2008 and 2009? What elements drove good results or bad results?
You as a professional accountant are required to conduct the financial analysis to answer
these questions and present your opinion about the company s financial health. The maximum length for the report is
4,000 words.
Assignment Instructions:
1. Visit the website of Wesfarmers Ltd and Woolworth Ltd and obtain the financial
reports for 2008 and 2009.
Wesfarmers: /