Nalysis and Recomendation of Marketing strategy of Vodafone

Work must demonstrate knowledge of relevant theories, concepts and literatures which have to be applied in relation to the assigment question

Work must address the question in focussed manner and its structure and sreferencing should be in accordance to academic conventions. It should use the Harvard referencing system
SHould demonstrate logical progression of arguments and good level critical analysis
Extensive use of the recommended literature is essential

Ariel Font 12 is a must

Discussion Question:

After a preliminary desk research, select an organization (public or private sector one):

1) In the context of its sector, examine the relevance of marketing to the chosen organization
2) Critically discuss its marketing approach. On the basis of this analysis evaluate available alternative strategies and recommend ways for the organization to sustain or improve its marketing practices.
Support your arguments and conclusions by reflecting practice against the academic materials delivered.

Good ABove 60 -69
COmplete in all respects . Good Level of analysis, Good degree of complexity and / or novelty. Some outstanding features, but not wholly outstanding. The work has some outstanding features but not wholly understanding

Distinction 70 to 100
COmplete, outstanding in most areas, including quality of analysis, critical evaluation and development of solutions. High degree insight and innovation
Recommended core text –

Jobeer, D(2007) Principles and Practise of Marketing, Fifth Edition, McGraw HIll

Chapman David and Cowdell,T (1998), New Public Sector Marketing, prentice Hall

Otherbooks for referencing

Piercy N( 2002) Market Led Strategic Change, Butterworth Heinemann

Newell, F (2003) Why CRM Doesnt Work, Kogan Page

Hamel, G.(200) Leading the Revolution, harvard Business School Press

Ambler, T ( 2000 ) , Marketing and the Bottom Line: the new metrics of corporate wealth, Financial TImes / Prentice Hall

Recommended Journals
Journal of Marketing
European Journal of Marketing
Financial Times
Harvard Business Review
McKinsey Quarterly

Other References
Marketing Week