Nalysis Assignment Movement Analysis Classical Ballet

Analyse the classical ballet with regards to the physical and physiological demands it places on the body. this assignment should contain discussion of the dance form and its value as a form of training, rehabilitation or therapy with an identified population.
the assignment has 4 parts, the part 1 is about the Background which i have done, so the rest three parts are:
2.movement analysis.
identify the movements and motions that are most common to this same dance form, then analyse and discuss the dance form with regard to: Space(use of levels, directions, floor and air patterns);Time (rhythms and tempo);Energy(qualities of movement).
3.physiological analysis.
analyse and discuss the dance form with regard to:
Physical demands it places on the dance/learner (muscular, biomechanical, energy systems); Perceptual demands on the dancer (space, time, energy); cognitive demands (length and complexity of sequences of movement).
4.Fitness,training or rehabilitation.
Discuss the suitability of this dance form as a means of gaining one or more of the following:
General fitness;
Training(general or specific);
A means of rehabilitaion. / with a particular population(identify this population and their specific learning, physical and perceptual requirements then identify how the dance form would meet these requirements)