Nalysis comtemporary policy issues mental health

Before you now is the prospect of adding to the body of literature and the knowledge
base by preparing and submitting a journal article in this topic of policy issues in mental
health. Using the paper that you drafted for assignment 1, you are now to analyse the
efficacy of the two chosen mental health policies. Once again using a variety of
academic and professional sources, critique how the policies impacted, or may impact,
on the carers, consumers and mental health professional in the relevant jurisdiction. You
are encouraged to search current mental health journal articles databases and from your
library. Once you have an idea of how your final paper will look, select a professional
journal and prepare your paper according to the requirements of that journal.
You are strongly encouraged to use the Interact forum to contact other students for
discussion, and to frequently contact the subject coordinator for further clarification or
This assignment enables you to consolidate the work you undertook for the first
assignment by focusing down on the mental health plans of two contrasting jurisdictions
that are of especial interest to you. This deeper understanding and comparative analysis
of the two areas will then be consolidates as a contribution to the evidence base by
writing an article for publication in a peer reviewed professional journal.