Nalysis essay about parental expectations

Analyzing a problem.. For this essay you are being asked to write a problem related to the Home”. I want you to find some issue related to the Home”. in which you might have some working knowledge. This problem should be relevant and possibly an issue Outsideyour common thinking. Look to you personal situation. Once you have identified the problem, I would like you to analyze the problem as a way to determine if there are solutions that can be offered for it. Decide if there is A question that prompts you to take a closer look.Offer some Descriptionof the topic you plan to analyze. Incorporate Evidence drawn from close examination of the subject.This might mean interviewing others or offering personal experience to highlight the problem. .. This is the prompt.

I would like you to write about the problem of parental expectations. analyze the problem as the prompt says and try to find a solution and mention different viewpoints.