Nalysis essay for New Cooper Union building by Thom Mayne.

Here is teacher quote for my rough draft.
I have rough draft which is approximate 800 words.
I need to submit soon. Please up grad my paper.
If writers assign i can send my paper.

Quote from teacher
I think I may have mentioned this in section, but there are far too many quotes in your paper, and you perhaps rely too much on what Thom Mayne says about the building. One way to break out of this is to visit the building… if you can try to get permission to enter. What areas are accessible to you? Do you feel connected or disconnected from the city? How does the city appear from behind that metal screen? Why did he feel that he needed a vertical piazza, as opposed to an urban square… such as the one that exists right across the street from the building?”

We are really looking for your own close reading of the building, rather than what Thom Mayne argues about his own building.”