Nalysis Essay over the article of Ipods

This has to be an analysis essay over this article. Im in Duel Credit in High School so i guess it should be college but not a blow you away college type essay. If you get what i mean. I have already did the introduction and it is this.

In Society is dead: we have retreated into the IWorld, by Andrew Sullivan, it discusses how technology is concurring over people. Through diction, sentence structure, and metaphors the author describes how iPods are completely encompassed with everyday life. What the author is trying to demonstrate to his audience is that because of this IWorld, we are beginning to lose are everyday sense of reality.

I hope you like the intro. Im not good at all with analysis essays and i really need your help. This paper is due by tomorrow by 10:00. I have faxed you the article i have to write this over. Please call me on my cell if you would. My number is 2816355793. Thanks so much.