Nalysis for the expression levels of RHoB protein in breast cancer cell lines.

dear writer there are couple of things to consider for writing up this project:
1-we have done literature review last year regarding this topic so I will upload my literature review to look at what I have done last year.
2this year we done couple of practical work so I will upload all my methods and results the steps we done for this projects was :1cell culture 2-RNA isolation 3cDNA library 4-PCR agarose gel . we took a picture for the 3 types of cells so we can talk about the morphology of the cell in the project.
the main part: the protein that I have looked at was: RHoB
please look at the uploads for my results and methods . Also check the messages on board always if there was anything new I will tell by message . thanks

Referencing Requirements:
please dont use book only articles and journals