Dear Sir,
How are you? Wish you a very happy and a prosperous new year. Thanks for the help rendered during the proposal stage.
Based on your proposal which you had sent to me there were some changes done at my end before I submitted the same to the university. Now they have OKed the proposal. Now before I submit the final project they want to see the detailed analysis which I would be sending along with the final project.

Once they Ok this they will ask to proceed ahead with the final project. So now I need your guidance and help in submitting the detailed analysis.

Sir I am sending to you three documents:

1. My proposal which i sent in the last mail which i had sent to the university.
2. Your proposal which u had sent to me.
3. File with the replies for the questionaire which i have collected from the interviews
conducted by me with the respective hotel heads.

If you could please go through the same and let me know if you need any other information. I want the research findings/analysis detailed report either in from of theory and supported with graphs/pie diagrams.

Main objective is to see that all the questions are answered?

Sample interview was for 15 hotels, 5 nos. of 5 star, 5 no.s of 4 star, and
5 nos. of 3 star.

5 star hotels 4 have loalty programs, 4 star only 2 have loyalty

Sir this mail was sent by my tutor at the university:

Dear student,
Hotels not implementing loyalty program : You have to reply for : Organizations that do not offer loyalty programs do they progress successfully and how and what advantages could they seek by using these programs.(either the reply can be tabuated form or theorotical form)

For the remaining these guideline have to be followed:

1.What type of findings will best support your answer to the question,
will you need survey results, census figures , time series analysis etc.

2.What are the limitations of the methods and results you have chosen?

3.what will you not find?

4.Why might the results not be complete?

5. How useful will they be, given these limitations?

6.Critcism of the methodology you are using?

7.What data or other results are important?

8.. What should the reader note?

In this section we should get the results of our research. Use tables, survey results and data in an Appendix, pie chart form etc.

Word limit for the same is 3000 words.

The overall objectives of this research for which answers are sought would

Q1. Customer Loyalty Programs: Does it help increase sales among hotels in

Q2. To examine if organizations like the hotel industry in Dubai have
programs and strategies to improve customer loyalty, then to what extent
the overall performance of the organization is improved?

Q.3. Will consumers show favourable attitude change and long lasting
commitment to your brand as a result of the loyalty program?

Q4. Whether loyalty programs in hotels are successful in generating sales
and profits?

Q5. Will discontinuing loyalty programs have adverse affect on the hotels

Sir I would need your help. Do you think within 3000 words we can convey the entire findings, main aim is to give a detailed analysis for the same. In case 1 or 2 more pages are required no problem kindly let me know. Main aim is to present the entire objectives of the dissertation. Also sir if you need any other information which u feel is necessary for answering the objectives from the hotels here which I have interviewed and will help in providing a good analysis please let me know.

Thanks once again for your help. Once this is Oked then I will come for the final project.

Best regards,

Suraj Kumar