Nalysis of 3 Alfred Hitchcocks Films That Represent His directorial Efforts (American Cinema Class)

This essay is an analysis of a cultural figure whose connection to the culture is expressed through movies.

Choose 3 films that represent the directorial efforts of Hitchcock (Rear Window; Strangers On A Train; Psycho). You want to explore the directors use of style, his infusion of authorship, and how this relates in a cultural/social context. Remember that the director reflects the needs, fears and hopes of the culture.

Using the 3 films that you have viewed plus appropriate additional research material, analyze what Hitchcock says about American culture. What are the ideological concerns, values, societal roles, goals, etc. of the wider culture of the time period he represents? How is Hitchcocks style calculated to represent these concerns? Have ideological concerns, values, societal roles, etc. changed during the directors artistic life and, if so, has Hitchcocks persona changed to reflect these concerns?

This should be a 5 page paper excluding sources cited (3). Appropriate additional material may consist of information from the texts, interviews of Hitchcock in magazines or newspapers of his/her era, critical reviews of the films, reference books on social concerns and values of the time period.

The assignment is sharply focused. Your essay about Hitchcock should be built on the foundations of the solid research, strong cultural analysis and keen cinematic observations.

This essay is NOT a biography or a filmography. It does NOT matter where the director was born, unless that impacts his work. It does NOT matter about how many awards he has garnered, unless you wish to establish his popularity with his fans.

Give the essay a title that helps you frame your topic. Write an opening thesis paragraph that sets a focus for your work.