Nalysis of a aircraft mishap recovery/reclamation

In addition to these directed instructional events the student will prepare a research paper on the emergency response effort directed to a major aircraft mishap of the student?s choosing. In lieu of this the student may choose to analyze their local airport/military base/community emergency plan. This paper should be supported with references and regulations applicable to the incident/plan. Although length is not specifically graded, paper should have roughly 10 pages of content. Think 10 or so pages, double spaced, of
content–I do not grade on length but content, support with
documentation and references, APA format recommended, but
style is acceptable as long as you are consistent.
DANGER! Many have chosen to analyze a mishap without
remembering the name of the class (Aircraft Crash and Emengency Management); I have seen papers that
do a great job on airline safety but dont address the
class one bit. These will not be graded favorably. I expect college
level work! There should be minimal grammatical and spelling errors.