Nalysis of a Family Business (Consultant Report) Walmart

Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Key elements Apply the business canvas model using books (key partners, key activities, key resources, value proposition, customer relationships, customer segments, channels, cost structure, revenue streams) do conclusion forward with it
Financial review (Capital and Operations, Cash Flow, EBIT, Future and Projected recommendations, 2015)
Organisational (Walmart organisational structure, advantages and disadvantages of structure, Executive roles in the family business, Conclusion)
Marketing Review (marketing performance, success of branding (walmart)
-Conclusion and Recommendations of the report
APPENDICES (1000 WORDS, SO REPORT 2500 WORDS AND 1000 WORDS ON APPENDICES (the business canvas model in detail, the 12s model (STRATEGY (strategy of shared value of the family, strategy of enterprise, strategy of individual), STRUCTURE (shareholder structure, organisational structure, structure of governance of a family business relationship), SHAREHOLDERS (family leadership, shareholder wealth management, service) SUCCESSION PROCESS OF PLAN, STAFF, SKILLS AND SOCIAL CAPITAL

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