Nalysis of a Memoir about Aging Gerontology 2013

Source is: Morrie: In His Own Words , Life Wisdom from a Remarkable Man, by Morrie Schwartz
Double spaced,Times New Roman 12 Font, APA references, no extra space between paragraphs, Gender inclusive language.
Read the memoir, and answer the following question, if you knew nothing about the aging experience. how would this memior help you?
The paper is to be broken down into the following sections:A. Introduction: 1. Brief statement that describes the purpose of assignment 2. Overview of the structure of the assignment. B. Brief Book Summary: 150 words 1. General description of book. what is book about 2. Link the title to the subject to show how the title explains subject matter. C. Critical Analysis: 1. How does author frame aging, use examples from the book to support argument. 2. What are 3 significant issues raised in this memior? Support analysis with examples from book. 3. After answering 1 & 2 what do you know about aging. D. Theoretical Analysis 1. Once completed critical analysis apply the academic literature on aging to the memoir. E. Conclusion 1. A brief summary of the main points of paper 2. What have i learned from the exercise