Nalysis of a particular approach according to The Tooty Fruity Vegie project”

This subject is Community Development in a Globalising Worldintroduces students to some leading approaches to community development in international and sustainable development. The unit emphasises contemporary theory and thinking on community development, coupled with an orientation to professional practice in real contexts, both internationally and locally. The impacts of globalisation are examined, both in terms of its negative and socially destructive consequences, but also in terms of creating new possibilities for organising and activism, and new forms of community and solidarity (eg virtual communities). Other aspects of community development covered include empowerment, participation, gender and social capital.

*Please analysis of a particular approach and example of community development in practice according to The Tooty Fruity Vegie projectI will upload all of PDF and details of this project to you.

*I will upload example of HD essay to be your reference. Pls use it as a guideline.


Thank you so much : )