Nalysis of a primary text through the lens of a secondary scholarly article

In this paper, youll analyze a primary text or image through the lens of a secondary critical text. In addition to bringing close, careful attention to the primary text in order to make an argument about its internal dynamic, your aim will be to mobilize the arguments of a historian, literary scholar, or theorist to extend and deepen your analysis. Youll begin by finding and analyzing a peer-reviewed scholarly article or book chapter whose insights bear on one of the primary texts weve read for the course. Next, youll consider how you might engage the authors argument to offer your own analysis of the primary text. As well discuss in class, Engagecan signal a range of critical positions, but I would encourage you to think beyond simple agreement and disagreement. In addition to these, consider practicing critical moves like complication (Yes, but”), extension, and substitution. Importantly, the goal of this paper is not to use the primary text to illustrate or rehearse the arguments of a secondary text; rather, it is to augment the insights of your own argument about the primary text by bringing another scholarly voice into the conversation. **I will scan and upload the full prompt and list of primary texts you can use**