Nalysis of Accessories & Gifts Manufacturing Industry Coach, Inc

This is to continue the other papers you have written using the Five Forces Model of Competition by Michael Porter. Be sure this paper covers answers to all of the following: 2) Bargaining Power and Leverage of Suppliers: A) What leverage do the suppliers have on the various companies in the industry? Does the fact that one company has exclusive rights to a great supplier limit the competitiveness of other companies in the industry? 3) Power of Buyers : A) What constraints do the buyers of a particular company in the industry have on that company? If a big buyer (like Wal-Mart) threatens to find another supplier, would that put your company out of business? Are there any ways to reduce the power of big buyers? 4)Threats of New Entrants into the industry: A) Is this industry so mature and tight that no new companies are likely to be able to come in? B) Are start up costs and/or access to technology or resources so out of reach that new companies are not likely to come into the industry? 5) Threat of Substitute Products: A) What products exist that customers are likely to buy if your companys product is not available? For this analysis, its important to think Outside the box. For instance Disney Worlds competitors are not just Six Flags and Sea World. The broader market would be Vacation destinationsand competitors would be Myrtle Beach and Niagara Falls.