Nalysis of Acquainted with the night poem

Write a literary interpretation or analysis. Write a literary interpretation or analysis on one or two of the poems you read in Module 2. You may choose to develop one of the ideas presented in your Short Paper 1 assignment, or you can write about another idea. This is an academic essay, so employ the conventions of academic writing: Your essay should have an original title which expresses the essays main idea. The essay should have an introduction which presents the papers focus and main message. The essay should have a body, which is developed through paragraphs that develop the papers main message. The essay should have a conclusion which ties together the ideas youve raised and reinforces the papers main message. Your ideas should be supported through examples and details from the work youre interpreting and analyzing. As a rule of thumb, provide at least one quotation from the primary source for each idea you raise. Avoid using overly informal wording or slang.
The essay should NOT retell the poem(s) chosen. Instead, the entire focus should be on interpreting and analyzing the work(s). Please be sure to provide quotations from the poem.

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