Nalysis of Aeroflot s global marketing approach in Russia and UK.

final report of a maximum length of 3,300 words the report should critically analyze and evaluate the marketing approach of Aeroflot and to critically assess the competitiveness and effectiveness of the standardization or adaptation of the marketing strategy in Russia and UK. To do so, you will need to conduct a critical comparative analysis and evaluation of the strategy employed in the UK and Russia.

Structure of the report:

SECTION 1. The Global Environment

- Industry global trends
- The competitive global environment and key market drivers
- Background of chosen brand and the role of branding in chosen industry
- Brand s global competitors and competitive advantage
- Focus of project

SECTION 2. Global Activities

- Global participation
- Foreign markets served
- Segments served  current and potential customers
- Role, impact and importance of cultural issues and ethics

SECTION 3. Standardization Versus Adaptation

- Brand advertising and promotion in the UK and in Russia
- Brand product and service strategies in the UK and Russia
- Brand pricing and strategies in the UK and Russia
- Brand distribution strategies in the UK and Russia

SECTION 4. The Total Global Marketing Effort

- Overall evaluation of the extent of the brand s global integration of marketing communications and the value of standardization/adaptation
- Overall evaluation of the competitiveness and sustainability of the brand s global marketing strategies
- Conclusions and recommendations


- Include team action plans
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