Nalysis of Alex Forex of the Fatal Attraction Movie

Develop a 10-12 page analysis of the movie or television show that you selected. I selected a?Alex Forexa? character in the movie a?Fatal Attractiona? for this paper.
Your analysis will include:
a? Title of the Movie or Television Show
a? Overview of the Character (e.g., name, age, race, gender, marital status)
a? Presenting Problem (e.g., symptoms)
a? Psychosocial History (e.g., family, social, academic, professional, religious, legal, substance abuse, medical background)
a? Diagnostic Impression (i.e. 5 Axis Diagnosis). Be sure to explain how you arrived at your diagnosis, and support your response with scholarly literature.
a? Literature Review (i.e. Treatment and Interventions)
I will provide more information on this paper directly to the writer after it is assigned