Nalysis of a?Monuments to Our Better Naturea? by Michael Byers

Revise this essay a little Here is my professors comments on my draft


In a literary analysis or reader response paper, you dont need to cite sources, since you are analyzing a particular piece of writing from your own thoughts, reactions, and knowledge. If you do use sources to understand a piece of writing or work of art, you should cite those sources. I am not sure why you included the Halton source; isnt it about 9/11? If you want to bring in ideas from another source that enhance the readers understanding or appreciation of your topic, that is fine. So if Haltons essay enhanced your understanding, use a quote from it; for example, if he was poetic about American monuments or something, you can quote him in your essay, but you MUST relate the quote directly to Byers content somehow.

If you are going to use a study guide, such as the AP source, its best to use those as thought-starters, and then to do your own writing and analysis after youve read the guide. If you include specific info from a study guide source, as in phrases that they use to help you understand a work of art, you MUST put those phrases in quotes and cite the guide. However, remember that your professor is looking for YOUR ideas and YOUR analysis of a piece of writing, so using a study guide is not always a good idea. It depends on the course and the Professor. Some content in a study guide might be considered common knowledge, which doesnt have to be cited–that is, definitions of and explanations of how to use imagery in a piece of writing.

For this class, you do NOT need a study guide. However, since you showed the initiative to use one, if you did use any phrases from it, you should include it. However, if you only got general info that you applied in your own way, you can put it in your Works Cited as a source, but dont need to provide in-text citations.

The general rule is that if you use an authors own idea (rather than common knowledge) or phrasing/wording, you MUST cite. And remember that paraphrasing, which is where you got into trouble in your last paper, is much more than just moving words around in the sentence.

Hope this helps. You would not fail for plagiarism with this draft, but it appears you may have over-corrected! Relax and just tell me your analysis of the essay. You have hit on some good ideas here. I highlighted some words and wording that seem awkward or incorrect in parts of your draft.