Nalysis of an aspect of the story Cathedralby Raymond Carver

Research Paper Requirements

1.Do not write a broad-based biography of the author. Do not write a book report. Focus on one aspect of a literary work and keep your focus narrow. You are trying to convince the reader that your interpretation is correct, or to educate the reader regarding an issue related to the work.

2.Use 12 pt. Times New Roman Font.

3.Do not include a cover page.

4.Double space everything, including set-off quotation and works cited entries.

5.Alphabetize works cited entries by authors last name.

6.Do not number works cited entries.

7.Last page will be the works cited page.

8.Thoughout the paper, you will reinforce your points by using quotations and/or paraphrased references to your sources. Each of these is required to be documented in MLA parenthetical format. Example: (Spenser 97). Do not simply borrow several disparate facts and them attribute all of them to one source at the end of a paragraph.


10. Six secondary sources are required. Use books, articles from journals, articles from anthologies, and material from reference books. In some cases video recording, lectures, letters, and interviews are allowed.


12.Spell numbers between one and ninetynine

13 Set-off quotations longer than 4 lines.

14. UNDERLINE THE THESIS STATEMENT!! Everything must follow the MLA, and the format must be correct.