Nalysis of an Ethical Conflict in Practice

Needs to be APA format, 6th edition as well as 10 pages excluding the title page, abstract, and bibliography.
Below is the instructions. My topic chosen is PHYSICIAN ASSISTED SUICIDE

Instructions for Analysis of an Ethical Conflict in Practice

As part of your learning experience, you are provided access to a plagiarism prevention service called Turnitin. Using Turnitin serves as a learning experience and opportunity to correct any areas in your papers involving plagiarism or improper citation. You are required to submit your paper to Turnitin prior to submitting it in course submission area for grading.

Keep the paper within a 12 page limit (excluding title page, abstract, and reference list). Use the Scoring Rubric as a guide for completing this assignment. The Analysis of an Ethical Conflict accounts for 30% of your course grade.

1. Present a brief overview (no more than two pages) of the pre-approved ethical dilemma or conflict providing all the information that is essential to understanding the full dimensions of the situation. Be sure to include information from the nursing perspective as well as all other relevant perspectives, e.g. medical, legal, organizational (policy, milieu, structure, etc.), and societal. (10 points)

2. Identify all of the ethical issues involved in this situation. Your statement should not re-describe the situation but rather identify all of the broader ethical issues/concepts involved (e.g. informed consent or the right toa¦). Identify contextual factors, including the organizational perspective, which may have contributed to the creation of the ethical conflict. (20 points)

3. Identify the stakeholders and their claims/interests. (10 points)

4. Describe your final ethical position that is your resolution of the conflict. Provide a comprehensive moral justification for your resolution. (20 points)

5. Describe a specific moral action plan to implement the resolution previously identified. (20 points)

6. The presentation and style of the paper are consistent with scholarly work and reflect APA format. (20 points)