Nalysis of an organisation using cybernetics principles.

Using cybernetics principles analyse an organisation of your choice and report your findings.

Organisation Choice:
John Lewis (Retail Store)
HMV (Retail/Music Store)

Please Include:

6 systems, Variety, Amplification, Attenuation, Homeostasis, Feedback Loops, Recursive Diagram, Recursion, Stability, 3-4 Homeostat and Meta System, Cybernetics (History Of), Managerial Cybernetics, Complexity, VSM (How did it come about?) Key Performance Indicators & KP Measurements, Equilibrium, Management by Exception

An example of layout:

3-4 Homeostat and Meta System
Feedback, Control and Co-Ordination
VSM & Culture

Marks Awarded For:

Application of the VSM and cybernetics principles to the study
Reference to underpining theories
Presentation of the report
Harvard Referencing.

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Please use appropriate journals from Emerald, and other sources.