Nalysis of Beyonces music video Run the World”

Write an analysis of Beyonces Run the Worldmusic video. First, briefly describe Beyonces position in a cultural, political and economic context.The first half of the essay should then include structural, industrial, formalist analyses. For example, discuss how it produces, sustains or reinforces dominant ideologies and how it challenges existing norms, aesthetics and practices. Describe the influence of economic, technical and institutional (aka business) structures on the form and content of the music video. Also, describe how the video produce meaning using both a semantic and a syntactic system. What genre or genres is it playing with? And how does it either reinforce or challenge (or perhaps both) what Judith Wright would call, a?the status quo.a??
The second half of the essay should discuss the politics of identity such as class, race, gender and sexual identity, depicted through the characters, setting and plot of the music video. How is culture appropriated?
Please only cite and reference from the sources and readings Ive provided/uploaded in my panel.

Here is the direct link to the music video : watch?vVBmMU_iwe6U