Nalysis of BMSas Financial Performance

1.Major:Advanced Finance

2.words: 3000 words, not include the cover page, table of contents, executive summary, works sited.

3.MLA style,
appropriately referenced should appear within quotes.

Bristol-Myers Squibb( This paper will compare the financial ratios in a given time period to other pharmaceutical companies. Financial consultant department need to evaluate BMSas financial performance for the management.

5.Purposes: The paper will provide the analysis using SWOT, Porter Model and calculate the ratios for 5 years include liquidity, activity, profitability and return, leverage and coverage, marketing information, and common share ratios for BMS and its competitor. The purpose of this paper will be use multiple ratios to form a picture of different aspects of the company, interpret financial ratios and use them to assess a firmas past and future performance for the management. This paper provides a valuable analysis to the management team by developing their goals.

6. Outline of the body of the report to be prepared:
1. Executive summary
2. IntroductionCompany background, purpose of paper and outline the paper
3. Companyas Objective & Strategies
3.1 Objective
Strive to produce sustained strong performance and shareholder value
3.2 Strategy
4. Analysis Porter Model and SWOT
4.1 Analyze Porter Model
Five Forces of Porter Model:
a? Threat of substitute
a? Threat of the entry of new competitors
a? Intensity of competitive
a? Bargaining power of customers
a? Bargaining power of suppliers
4.2 Evaluate SWOT
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
5. Calculate the ratios for 5 years
5.1 Financial ratios

Include liquidity, activity, profitability and return, leverage and coverage, marketing information, and common share ratios
5.2 Discuss the ratio performance overall
a? Ratios help to:
o Evaluate performance
o Structure analysis
o Show the connection between activities and performance
6. Compare with Merck a?s ratios ( best competitor in pharmaceutical industry)
a? Benchmark with
o Past for the company
o Industry
a? Ratios adjust for size differences
7. Overall analysis of financial information
7.1 Evaluate the objectives and Strategies
7.2 Recommend some key factors help to achieving the goal
8. Conclusion

7. Summary, Conclusions and recommendation

This paper will help the management know current financial performance, significantly improve senior managementas understanding of opportunities and risks for the company, allow them to foresee the results of their plans before taking strategic or operational action. In addition to using evaluation of Porter Model and SWOT to analyze the objects and strategies, help the company to achieving its goal. sited
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